topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 29, 2016


......where are my sidebar widgets with ALL MY LINKS I have saved through the last 10 years?

And my blog feed?



Do I try and edit settings and hope for the best, or do I wait and hope it all comes back? I haven't touched anything, it is all just GONE!

After crawling through blogger code, google searches, re-setting, backing up, backing up again, I typed in in Chrome to pull up yesterday's cached page.  Which had all my correct sidebar data.

Other people are having the same problem with their link lists right now, I guess because blogger just did an update.

I manually re-built everything and backed it up again, hopefully my link lists and blog feed will stay put.


Today is a very extremely stupid day, just saying.


  1. oh no!!! I hope it all comes back.

  2. Everything looks normal to me now.


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