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topiary cats

Thursday, September 01, 2016

We Made It!!

We made it through another Pigeon Risk Time (PRT)!
Hello and welcome, September!!

I have a $200 electric bill*** but otherwise things are pretty ok.

School starts next week and we had middle school orientation. They won't give us a metrocard instead of the yellow bus but........all NYC middle school students get FREE LUNCH and breakfast!!!!!

Daya hates the yellow school bus, and I'm not a fan either, Most students don't get the yellow bus because everyone just walks, but there are some exceptions. We are an exception because we are on the opposite side of Queens Blvd, a major and very dangerous road.

The interesting thing about this is that her zoned elementary school required us to cross Queens Blvd (aka The Blvd of Death) and go through a ton of construction even though there is an elementary school on our side of QB 2 1/2 blocks away.

So I guess it is ok to put a kindergartner on a really dangerous walking route but not a middle schooler. But again, a Kindergartner won't be walking alone and a middle schooler might. Whatever. It still makes no sense.

Daya is not allowed to walk across QB but the subway is right there and she can cross underneath in the station.  so it isn't a big deal. But because we are on the opposite side of QB, she gets a yellow bus.  We want a metrocard like last year and they said no.

I found out that students who get a yellow bus cost the school system $500 a day per student. An unlimited full-fare metrocard is $112 a month.

Since Daya goes to dance after school on the bus most days, she does need a metrocard, So that is an extra $112 a month for me, which I was not expecting.
However, I told Daya that she's going to have breakfast and lunch at school now. I won't be packing lunch for her anymore,  That grocery money goes to her metrocard, and I'm kind of thinking that a metrocard is cheaper than feeding a child.

Lunch was not free in elementary school (breakfast is always free at school) except for the people who worked the system......I don't have a no-income adult to put on the lunch form so I have to pay.  Nevermind that I do live in a good neighborhood and the free lunch kids around here probably have two working parents and lots more money than I have**** only need one relative who isn't working to work the system.... so I would have to pay for Daya's school lunch and everyone else's with my taxes. So I packed her lunch.

I am accepting donations towards my electric bill.

There is a certain nationality in my area which is very prevalent and notorious for sneaking around the system to get benefits they really should not be getting. It is cultural.  I don't even know how they do it, to be honest, but they have a LOT of money and they also manage to get a lot of free benefits. They come here and are demanding and entitled, and also very rude on the street. They are mean to everyone, even each other. I resent it because I work and pay my taxes, I really don't have a lot to work with, and I'm also paying for them. I don't mind benefits going to people who really need it....this certain nationality in general doesn't, not with their cars and million-dollar homes.


  1. Wow to your electric bill... I am glad the fall is starting for you, I could take some more summer myself but then the heat here was not where near as hot as you had it... I hope that storm that looks like it is on it's way up the Eastern Seaboard does not end up being too bad.. xox

    $112.00 for a bus pass? Does it take you all over the state of New York? our but pass for an adult is $78.00 and $57.00 for a student... of course Halifax is small and the service isn't all that great..

    Nice that the school serves lunch and breakfast... Valentina had free breakfast until grade 6... luckily she will be home for lunch most days this year and I can cook her a decent lunch xox

  2. I am glad you made it despite the weather... I can imagine that feeding a child that is active is costly. My children were very active and ate like they were bottomless pits.


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