topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, September 09, 2016

The Stuffy-Cold Strikes Again

Yep, it got Daya.
She called me on the way home from school and said, "I can't go to dance.  I just can't."
I said, "Come home." (I usually work from home on Fridays so I was home.)
Daya took the bus instead of walking because she felt so terrible. 
When she got home she looked dreadful and had a fever.
I gave her medicine and sent her straight to bed.
She passed out.  Coma status.

When I had my stuffy-cold Rob called me and mentioned orange juice.
I did not have any, nor did I even think about it until he mentioned it.
Then, I NEEDED it.

So I sent Daya to the store to get orange juice.  I gave her my credit card since I was out of cash, and I hoped since they know us in Duane Reade down the corner it wouldn't be a problem.  I told her to call me if there was a problem. She was also allowed to get herself something nice; whatever she wanted.  Oh, and I needed butter, too.  OJ, butter, and whatever she wanted.

There were no problems at Duane Reade and Daya came home with OJ and butter.  I asked what did she get for herself, and she said nothing, she didn't want anything. I guess no one is going to question MOM SENT ME when a child is getting orange juice and butter with a credit card.  AND she even put in my phone number for my reward points!  Daya is the Best Ever.

This is one of the super-nice things about urban life.  You can send your kid to the store.  Apparently with your credit card!

While Daya was in her coma I went to the store and got her some OJ. And salmon. Which was a good thing because she woke up STARVING. I knew she would be starving.  So I fed her and made her take a hot bath and drink orange juice and she got slathered with Vicks. Which she hates passionately.



  1. Passing out from a cold? Yikes, must be some cold then! I've never passed out in my life. Feel better, Daya!

  2. Hope Daya feels better!!

  3. Poor Daya. I hope she gets well soon. OJ and Vicks is the best, besides Mom's attentions.

  4. Hope shes feeling better soon! She sure is a good girl!!!

  5. Jessica, I really hope that Daya is feeling better soon... it is awful when you get so sick... she sounds like a really sweet girl (I know they all have their times... lol) xox


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