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topiary cats

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Metrocard Math

I did the numbers to make sure that reduced-fare metrocard really is not worth it.
The fare is $2.75.  (I thought it was $2.50 oh well)
Reduced fare is $1.35

A 7 day unlimited metrocard (good for bus and train) is $31.
That's good for 11.27 rides which makes no sense.
So let's say 12 rides. After 12 rides you are essentially not paying anymore.

In a typical week, Daya needs 16 rides total including weekends and nights.
This number could be (and often is) higher if we go out etc.

12 of those rides are during the week for dance and school.
Tuesday and Wednesday I pick her up at night and we take the train.
The student pass won't work because of the time and it is only good for the bus.

So Daya needs 12 rides that would qualify for reduced fare.

1.35 x 12 = $16.20 = weekly amount I would pay for reduced fare rides.
2.75 x 6 (regular fare rides she needs) = $16.50

$16.20 + 16.50 = $32.70

Or I could just get her an unlimited metrocard for $31 a week.

It costs me MORE to use the reduced fare pass!!
Sorry for all the Math and fuck common core too!


  1. Isn't it crazy when you do the math and realize you are not getting a deal with something that should be helping you... at least Daya won't have to carry a ton of change around every day... xox

    We have unlimited passes here too... Right now until Valentina turns 15 we pay 58.00.. then there is a student one for 70.00 after (all with time limits) or 78.00 for an adult pass... I will pay the extra 8.00 so she can use it anytime... xox

  2. I am glad you got that figured out. Good grief. One doesn't need that kind of help.

  3. Good think you figured that out!


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