topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mad: LATE!

I have been wanting to paint this portrait for the last year. So it's late!

Original reference photo copyright Melissa Van Roosbroeck.  Used with permission.
The name Melissa means "bee" so I did a bee theme.

My most absolute favorite thing about this portrait is that I put Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadow on Melissa's eyelid!

I have a bunch of progress pics but I'll post them later.

9x12 pastel (and Urban Decay eyeshadow!)
on Sennelier pastel carte

Carey has something late too.


  1. WOW! Oh my god :-O I LOVE IT!!! It's unreal to see myself painted like that :-D

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Funny that you gave her real eye shadow. I didn't know that Melissa meant bee. I have a friend named Melissa. I am going to ask her if she knows about this bee business.

    1. It's Greek :-) And it indeed means honey bee. Bzzzzz!

  3. Wow this picture looks great... the make up looks amazing... almost as perfect as Melissa applies it ... xox

  4. I followed the link from Melissa's shoutout! Amazing talent! Keep it up! xx

  5. I just saw it now and found it amazing! You are so talented! I saw it on Melissa's blog today!


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