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topiary cats

Sunday, September 11, 2016


1. Apparently there is controversy about the annual re-playing of 9/11 footage and whether it should stop. Of course it should stop.  I say this as a New Yorker who saw the second tower come down in person, right before my eyes.  And I love my city. No one is forgetting.  It isn't something you ever forget. We don't need to be "reminded".

Even now in 2016 we New Yorkers will still find ourselves among strangers sharing 9/11 stories.
I have heard a whole lot of them.  There are many, many things that happened on the streets that were never on the news. Of course it is grim.  Of course it is horrible.  But re-opening the wound to keep people angry and fearful is never the answer. It is not the way to "learn from history."

How about we stop fearing and hating each other?
Because that's what makes crap like this keep happening

Besides, this country has bombed the crap out of so many others....we devastated Iraq...they have things to say about it. Of course those things never make it here in the media because then the general American public might say "This is not right."

Large-scale governments will do what they have always done- their power plays, bullying, their wars, etc. 9/11 in the history of humanity attacking each other is nothing at all.  A drop in the bucket. Zoom out.

But don't let them have your mind. Don't let them make you afraid. We are all human. We must love each other, get rid of this "us and them" mentality. It is the only way out of all this mess. It starts within individual people. Step sideways into a different flow and extend love.

2. Dance team meeting yesterday. (Daya is better, thank you for all the good thoughts)
After the meeting Daya's teachers pulled her aside and started saying how amazing she has been doing, and they want to put her in Ballet 3. Which is a very advanced ballet class.  Jazz 3 too.
I am so ridiculously proud of Daya.  She works really, really hard and it is nice that she is getting results and recognition from it.

3. Dance is so stupid-expensive and now that Daya is on team and competing (more $$$), and THE SHOES GOT REALLY EXPENSIVE! The problem with that is her feet are still growing. So I'm not quite on board with a pair of $65 tap shoes. I found a barely-used pair on ebay for half price.

At the dance team meeting I had a Brilliant Idea, and Daya is on board with it thankfully.  No more summer camp. Something really has to give financially. Daya already gets the unlimited dance class package over the summer, so she can go to the studio every day if she wants. No more summer camp is WONDERFUL, it takes a huge weight off me, especially with paying for braces, too.

I'm drowning a bit. But maybe it will be ok eventually I hope.


  1. I agree regarding not showing the towers coming down. Too sad and as you say, no one will ever forget it. UGH...
    I am happy about Daya. She is a hard worker and deserves to advance. I am glad she is in an environment where they can help guide her.
    Good for you being realistic about the camp business. Braces are more important. At least she will appreciate them when she is famous and they are taking pictures of her smiling all the time after fabulous performances.

  2. I do hope it gets better financially for you Jessica... lately I have been thinking about putting Valentina in Taekwondo... I think she could gain so much from attending a group activity, learning how to handle herself and getting some exercise... I don't think it will be until I actually start working from home... (soon I hope... )

    As far as the 9/11 footage, I think you are right... I do think we should never forget... but like you, I think we need to stop thinking of us against them and just love each other, I am so tired of the hate, it is depressing and it is not helping anything... xox


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