topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Universe Imploded (PRT)

8:27am, Sunday

I am out of tea.

Well, no of course I am not out of tea but I am out of any sort of good standard black tea, except the decaf I got at Trader Joe's by accident.

While I do have the wonderful Tea Brick that Carey sent me  I have to grate it and I don't want to grate it right now.

I am in shock. I still don't believe it, though it really appears to be true.
The irony is that I found a HUGE box of Twinings Irish Breakfast last week in Manhattan.
I bought two (2) boxes AND THEY ARE BOTH IN MY DESK AT WORK.

I could run down the block (I certainly will later) but I'm not mentally prepared for that.

So I need to wake up with Twinings Mixed Berry Black Tea.

I started a painting last night, oil.  Here is the first layer, just a block-in, a map.
The goal is to finish this month.


  1. I leave things in my desk and realize it later at home... once I start working from home I won't have to worry about that... I do know what you mean, when you have your heart/mind set on something and it takes effort to get it... xox

  2. That's PRT for you. The painting will be amazing!

  3. Well, it is August. You can't expect too much in August. But doesn't that just make you mad at yourself.?! I am glad that you weren't totally tealess. Can't wait to see how your painting evolves.


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