topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reservoir (PRT)

Despite the dreadful humidity, I went to the top of the reservoir in Central Park last night to throw down some paint.

Oddly, the humidity wasn't nearly as bad by the reservoir.

Here is a little 6x8, oil.
I need to take a better pic.

The light started out overcast......

......then cleared up. 
This is typical of uncooperative weather for plein air painters.

 West Side

East Side

Path off the reservoir

I like the way the light hits them


I had some lovely company.

On the way home, some idiot climbed the Trump Towers with suction cups, causing a massive traffic disturbance on 5th ave.

The R train went into rebellion.  Daya's look is priceless.
The MTA installed these massive touch-screen displays in many stations.

They are always wrong.

Way to go, MTA!

Where is the R train???????


  1. Nice moody cloudy sky and water. Daya looks a bit moody too. ;)

  2. It looks great. Great shots also of the west and east side of the water.

  3. Love the reservoir! Yes, we want a better picture! Glad you had some nice company up there! :D

  4. I am glad to hear it was cooler at the reservoir ... I know it has been incredibly hot there. The picture turned out great Jessica... and whoa to the nut that suction cupped up the Trump towers... I just shake my head xox


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