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topiary cats

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mens' Room Drama (PRT)

We ladies are most often accused of drama, and while that can certainly be accurate, the men do it too.  Differently.

This morning my (lady) coworker told me a story her (man) co-worker told her. He went into the mens' room and someone had left poop on the floor.

Now, we work in a pretty nice, mostly-clean and very well-maintained office in Times Square. So this is not the kind of thing one would expect to find.... well, anywhere, but REALLY not here.

We were both pretty shocked and realized there were 2 different scenarios: the person was either alone in the bathroom or they weren't.  Either one is equally disturbing.

This afternoon my friend came over to my desk to say hi. I related this story to him, and he was also shocked.  Then he said it must have been a retaliation effort.

Not too long ago, the building put in new towel dispensers.  They are those wave-your-hand-in-front kind.  They are terrible, actually, and they don't work very well.  No one likes them.  In the ladies' room, one of them never works.  But we ladies either use the other one, or just wave a bunch of times until we get paper.

Not the men, apparently.  They keep vandalizing their towel dispensers. Breaking them. Taking them apart,  So apparently the building is mad about it and keeps posting threatening signs that anyone caught breaking the paper towek dispensers will be fired.

Someone apparently had something to say about those threats!!

This is, I think, a perfect example of the way ladies and men handle things.

We ladies keep on being annoyed and just live with it, gripe, and bitch.

Men break things and leave (literal) shit on the floor.

HOWEVER: it is nice to know that most* men really do wash their hands.  
*according to my friend

They really are awful.

There is a stupid amount of construction happening in Times Square.  It is insanely annoying.  You can't really go anywhere.

I had to go up to 51st to run an errand, and I didn't have my metrocard. Otherwise I would have taken the train down one stop to avoid the construction and tourists.  But I had to walk it.

Tourists DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WALK.  Walking in NYC is an art form.  It is all about opportunity and timing.  The timing is very important.  In order to keep traffic moving, YOU MUST KEEP MOVING. If someone is coming the other way JUST KEEP MOVING. We NYCers know the timing.  We will not bump into you.  You might bump into us, but that's your fault for getting the timing wrong.  



  1. What an awful incident in the men's room. UGH...
    I am afraid I would be one of those annoying tourists. I would be gawking and not walking.

  2. Poop on the FLOOR? Yikes...

  3. Wow, men handle things differently when they are ticked off... eek xox

    As for having walking timing, I can imagine you get it down when you live there so long... if I can get down to visit there, you will have to teach me... xox


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