topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Infusion (PRT)

Ecce crucem Tolemac
Fugite partes adverse
Vincit leo de tribu Juda

Sometimes energy can get stuck to us and it needs to get cleaned off.
Yesterday I had that anger energy stuck to me.

My issues aside, I know myself and when I give something space, and I acknowledge and vent it, and it is STILL there. something else is going on.

Nothing has happened in the present time to cause me to keep holding that energy, nor is it serving any kind of positive purpose. It is messing up my energy.

So it is either a bit of energy that attached itself to me because I was a vibrational match, or it isn't even mine at all. I don't think it is mine because it feels different than when I am upset due to my own triggers. (This can be a hard thing to sort out if you are energy-sensitive and haven't learned to distinguish what is yours and what you picked up from someone else.)

In any case it has to go. It needs to expire, leave me. I need to get my energy vibration out of the mud and raise the frequency. Sometimes this is difficult.

When I need a really quick and effective energy cleanse, meditation, a bath, and Archangel Michael is a generally effective combination. Oh, and exercise. And maybe a Triple Grid.  It's like a massive infusion of high vibration energy that clears out all the junk.  Like a good shower.

The point is that in order to change your vibration you have to go and get higher vibration energy from somewhere else.  If you know where to go this is pretty easy. It is everywhere, available for everyone, at all times.


  1. Feeling angry all the time isn't good. You're right, you just need to force yourself to get rid of it.

  2. I agree with you Jessica... I sometimes have what I feel is irrational anger, like you if after venting doesn't help, I know I need to find a way to cleanse it... it's not east xox

  3. Interesting! Yes, there is a certain person that I am always left feeling this bad energy from, and it just takes time for it to go away!


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