topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Assorted Oddities & Sundries (PRT)

1. I have an eye dr appointment on September 7th.  It is my yearly which I was supposed to go to in July. I called at the beginning of August and couldn't get in earlier.  There are 2 floaters in my left eye which I'm pretty sure weren't there before this week.  Floaters in eyes like mine are normal but these are new and really irritating.

2. Yesterday after work I had a lovely walk over the 59th street bridge.  I only got almost- killed by two (2) insane bikers which is pretty good. The bridge had an odd absence of marijuana smoke too, which was surprising.

Towards Queens

Towards Manhattan

3. When I got off the bridge i was going to get on the train and head home, but being outside was just so nice I decided to walk until I felt like not walking anymore.  Normally I head directly down Queens Blvd.  Unfortunately there are some Really Not Nice spots of QB and I didn't want to walk there.  Instead I decided to go along Northern Blvd......which is much, much better. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

I am not prone to panic
but thanks anyhow, sign

4. I really don't have words for this. THANK GOODNESS this is not the school Daya will be attending, since I got it switched.

5. Is this about the painter Anders Zorn?????? Or, rather, his son?  Did Zorn have a son?  He was a fantastic painter.

6. I love this picture.  :)
    (I didn't take it)


  1. lol, an odd absence of marihuana smoke... :-) Our new next door neighbors are major pot heads. I can smell their smoke through the bathroom vent, through the doors, on the patio, everywhere. But I honestly don't mind. I don't think it stinks. Plus I'll take two potheads over those nightmare neighbors we had before any day.

  2. We have two bridges in Halifax, one we can walk over, the other we can't. Halifax is currently working on the one we can walk over.. we have 2 outside lanes, one is just for walkers, the other is for bikes. .. that way we don't have to worry about getting run over :-)

    Good luck with the eye, I hope everything is okay xox ♡

  3. Floaters come and go here. They can be very annoying.
    Your bridge and walk seems interesting. It looks like it was a beautiful day.
    I don't know Mr Zorn.
    I am glad I don't have to deal with schools anymore. I do like to purchase new school supplies. I like to see them all stacked up awaiting students to pick and choose their notebooks, pens, pencils, etc...
    We have lovely bridge here. It takes you across the Wabash River. I have driven over it many times but never walked all the way across. Too many cars pass over it to feel comfortable walking the sidewalk that is built into it.
    That face has popped up on your blog now and then.
    Don't panic.


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