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topiary cats

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Anger (PRT)

Wow, I am really angry.
It has taken me by surprise.
I really dislike being angry, but I have to allow it to run its course.

My post yesterday.....corporal punishment is a really inflammatory topic.

I was wondering why I feel so angry, and then I figured it out.

I am feeling angry because there has been so much extensive research on this subject and ALL of it says that corporal punishment for children is harmful and not as effective as non-corporal discipline.

So with that being the case, my very strong stance in this matter is not based on my own subjective opinion.

It is factual research.

If, then, this factual research exists, why don't people embrace it to learn better ways to communicate with their children? BECAUSE IT IS BETTER FOR THE CHILDREN.  Facts.  Not opinions.

If this was definitive disease research people would insist on it.
So why don't we insist on it for the health and benefit of our children and families in general?

The research is there. Tons and tons of it.

Why aren't people willing to change their behaviors and learn new, better skills- for the benefit of their kids? When supposedly their kids are number 1?

It is true that an attentive parent will know their child better than anyone else and people have to make the decisions that are best for their families.  What is a correct choice for one family is not necessarily correct for another.

But to me, with the extensive factual research, corporal punishment as a parenting strategy is on the same level of feeding your kids soda and McDonalds every day.  It is NOT healthy no matter what people want to hear or accept. Again, not opinion, it is factual research.


  1. I rrrreally don't see the point in corporal punishment either. I think it only makes things worse.

  2. You know my opinion on this Jessica, I am with you 100 percent, I have never seen corporal punishment do any good... not once... I only saw it bring fear ... xox

  3. Agreed, but then many years of someones upbringing, and other factors bring them to where they are, and their type of parenting (and all other sorts of ways they do things). It's sad. Even highly educated people can just overlook research and facts, and think their way is better. Its complex. Not necessarily CORRECT, but is just what it is. Hard to accept. I see it in watching my own children parent my grandkids. It's hard.


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