topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fuckwit Neighbor Update

So, this is pretty funny.....

1. They moved the piano. Olga thought she was so clever to hack my bluetooth speaker signal but I prevailed with good old-fashioned wires and plugs.  I guess they got sick of my sonic revenge and the piano is no longer a problem.

2. I was chatting with the super the other day and I mentioned Olga had moved the piano. The super said he thinks something is wrong with Olga mentally (duh!).  And apparently her upstairs neighbors left music on for ONE NIGHT and she went nuts over it. The super said it wasn't even that bad, and it was a one-time incident. (It prob was loud but one night is just one night.)

I'm pretty sensitive to noise but I only consider it a problem if it is a chronic thing. Something not chronic is ok.  It ends.  Not a big deal.

3. Last night after I posted my ice cave, I got ready to sleep.  I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth. My window was open and I heard commotion in the courtyard behind my building where all the stupid teenagers hang out. They are loud and annoying but I can't hear them with my AC on.  And they haven't been as bad this year as in previous years when I had to call 311 every single night. (Though that hangout spot is problematic and the police show up fairly often)

Well, Olga was freaking out at them.  Not out the window, either- she actually walked around the block to the other building to go yell at them in person. The teens are residents of that building so they weren't trespassing.

When I say Olga lost it, I mean she really, really lost it.  She was ranting and yelling crazy things at them, and was louder than they ever were!  ALSO Olga allows her two kids to play back there during the day!

One of the girls told her to go to the psych ward. They were still yelling when I went to sleep, but I couldn't hear it anymore over the AC.

And all I can say is....



  1. Oh my gosh. What a crazy lady. I am glad she moved the piano. I hope the next move is out of the building.

  2. Wow, she is over the top... I am thrilled to hear she moved the piano. My neighbors have quieted down a bit... it could be the snarky looks I give them in the hall... lol xox

  3. Olga sounds like a nice person... *cough*


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