topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, July 01, 2016

Bloggy Break Sort-Of

Just today I very suddenly reached a point of needing to take a break from daily blogging.
Not sure yet if I'll actually be able to go to sleep without having a blog post lined up....

That will be weird.

But it's been..,, what- a year and a half of dailies and I think I need a bit of a time-out, at least from posting daily.

Like a bloggy summer vacation.

It is July and July is gross and leads right into Pigeon Risk Time (PRT).


  1. Enjoy your blog vacation. Sleep tight... Enjoy the rest of summer... Paint... Dance... Listen to music... Love... Be...

  2. I completely understand needing a break from daily blogging!

  3. We all need a little blog vacation from time to time... enjoy yours xox

  4. Good grief, I did not know you were doing a post every day. I so rarely get on my blog. My bad. XOXO. Love to you and Daya!


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