topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mad: Spiral

Carey and I are spirals this week. Spiraling out of control, perhaps.

Technically mine are double helix-es (helices?) but who cares.  That's a kind of spiral right?

pastel on pastelmat

I found a new type of pastel to be mad about.  Mungyo semi-hard pastels.  Mungyo is a Jerry's brand. They are really inexpensive and the colors are lovely. I guess these are like Nupastel, which I do not have and now I probably need. Seriously, I LOVE working with these. An added plus is they aren't very dusty.

In the world of soft pastels, there are varying degrees of softness. These are on the harder end, maybe a little harder then Rembrandts, I need to get some Nupastels to compare them.

Senns, Unisons, etc are really soft. These are much firmer in texture making them fantastic for under-painting and lower layers, as well as detail work.

This is very parallel with oils, where lean (less oil) paint is used in the under-layers and fatter (more oily) paint is used over leaner layers. (Especially when applying wet paint over wet paint.) In pastel layers, layering a softer pastel over a harder pastel works very well.


  1. It's the kind of painting you can just keep looking at, very complex.

  2. Love everything about this one! The colors are fabulous!

  3. Such concentrated colors too. Around around they go.
    Must look up Helix. Not sure what that is. I can't see it if I don't know what it is. Hmmmm.


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