topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mad: Patterns

I have a completely mad behavior pattern.
When I go to Hudson I must to go Sketch and get pastels.

I added to my Diane Townsend collection.
No duplicates. I did not get all of these this past weekend.
Just 15 of them.

I am out of wet cat food so Monday morning around 5am-ish I did a free-same-day-delivery order from Amazon for wet cat food and a couple of interesting-looking art books. I thought this was extremely clever of me.

I was home late afternoon.

My buzzer rang right around 6pm.
I buzzed the front door open, because I knew it was the mail.
No one rang my apartment door.  I didn't think too much of it because sometimes delivery people just leave the box at my door; they know I am home because I buzzed them in.

A few minutes later I opened the door.  No box.
So I tracked it online- status was "DELIVERED. LEFT AT MAIL".

The driver apparently left my box in an unattended lobby by the mail boxes. 
NO ONE does that.
Of course my box is gone.
It probably doesn't help that someone was moving in and the lobby door was wide open.
But the driver KNEW I was home so why couldn't they just bring it up?

So I don't have my box and the carrier is doing an investigation and I have to wait 24 hours.


  1. Oh man, delivery people, UGH! I am SO happy that I'm so friendly with my mail man! If tell him through the intercom that I'm in my PJs or that I just washed my hair he'll come in the building and bring everything to my door. And he carries the heavy stuff into the living room for me. Courrier services though, that's a whole different thing... They'll just leave my stuff anywhere.

  2. What a pain. You will just have to use some of those new pastels to take your mind off your lost package.

  3. Oh wow... that is awful, I don't like them leaving it at the door, lucky for me my neighbor takes it in for me or most times if I am not home they take it to the post office and I can pick it up the next day... thankfully it across the street. I am sorry but that delivery man should be in trouble, you need your products xox


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