topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This week's theme is NIRNROOT!
I have been so excited for nirnroot!

Nirnroot is a plant which is found in Skyrim. It glows and emits a cool sound.
There is regular nirnroot and crimson nirnroot.

There is a book called The Spirit of Nirn.
I did a cover for it.
Daya loves the nirnroot so I hung it by her computer.

The Spirit of Nirn
9x12 pastel on pastelmat

I used all kinds of pastels- Derwent pastel pencils, semi-hard pastels, panpastels, and soft metallic pastels (senns).

....I think I have an addiction to pastelmat, it is such amazing paper.......the surface is textured with vegetable fiber and the way it holds the pastel is just so wonderful.  It is not a sanded paper and it doesn't eat up the pastels, but it holds them and can take many layers. It feels soooooo nice.

It is expensive. I bought a pack a while ago and have been using it sparingly...but I was in Jerry's a couple of weeks ago and IT WAS ON SALE at $25 for a 9x12 pack of 12 sheets!!!!

Carey also loves nirnroot.


  1. You are such a cool chick.

    Just putting it out there.

    That'll be all.

  2. Oh, very nice. If you put a touch of dark between the glow and the root, the glow would stand out more. ( hadn't considered myself til just this moment, so it's a good thing I was too busy with dragons to quite finish mine yet. :p)

  3. You are very talented Jessica, I love how you share your artwork with us xox

  4. Lovely stuff. :)


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