topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, May 16, 2016


Yesterday Daya had her first dance competition.

She only danced in one dance but she. killed. it.

On a new stage, in with hundreds of strangers from many schools- I think mostly from Long Island.
Big flashy schools.

In comparison, Daya's studio is small...but they are so amazing.

Seriously, I was just overwhelmed watching her.  She turns into a different person on stage...Stage-Daya. She is incredibly commanding and precise.  She has such presence. Commanding stage presence.

She does work very hard at technique etc but stage presence isn't really a thing you can practice at home. She was just so good.

No photos or video allowed, but she will do the dance for recital.

Some kind friends drove us out to Long Island.
We were parked next to this person.

Well ok, then.

When we got home Daya had to wash off her makeup and wash her hair.
There was so much gunk in her hair it stayed in place by itself.
Daya thought it was hilarious and insisted I took pictures.


  1. Sounds like you got a talented little girl there!

  2. What a lovely, confident, talented young lady!

  3. Sounds like fun. I am glad all went well...even the stand up hair. ;)

  4. Wow, that sounds like such fun, I am glad she did so well... and no stage presence isn't something you can learn, you have it or you don't... that is awesome that she does xox

  5. Glad the young girl had fun. As a ex scuba diver the pee in the wet suit is common 1 they suits are a bugger to get into and a pain to take off, 2 in cold water to keep you warm it needs water between you and suit . Jump into ice water ice water floods the suit between you and the suit brrrrrr its dang cold but that shock is lessened if there is a warm water or fluid already there , 3 diving to 30-100' surfacing to strip off suit just to re suit and dive again not practical .


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