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topiary cats

Thursday, May 05, 2016

10 Years

As of May 1st, I have officially been at my job for 10 years.

I am very grateful for my job- it is a very good situation. It has been an interesting 10 years here- some bumps along the way, but for the most part it has been very good. I have learned a lot. I am good at my job and while sometimes it can get boring, I'm not complaining.

It is flexible- I do keep my office hours and I do my work- but no one is tracking what time I come in and leave, I can work from home, I can run errands/do what I need to at lunch, or just hole up at my desk. The people I work with are good people. There is excellent work/life balance. I get a LOT of vacation time.

My job has a very low stress level for the most part, and I need that. In itself, the low stress of my job is a great blessing.

Before I came up to Times Square I was downtown in the financial district. I liked it down there a lot. Times Square is a completely different vibe. But for 10 years now, Times Square has been my stomping ground and I will admit I'm a bit spoiled because of it.

Restaurant Row is right here.
All the shopping is right here.
I have THREE art supply shops within 15 minutes of my desk. (That might not be so good.....ummmm....)
My commute is great.
I have 24/7 building access which means clean nice bathrooms for me and whoever I am with when out and about.
Central Park is super close.

The scariest thing about Times Square is the sheer number of Elmos (and other assorted creepies) on every corner. They are one of the reasons I am not really scared of anything, because I have already been through so much Scary Shit. And a cluster of six Elmos on the corner is truly terrifying.

If my future self in 10 years said to me, "You will still be here in another 10 years," that would be just fine.


  1. Good to hear you're job isn't giving you any added stress. No one needs that.

  2. Yes, very good to hear. Liking your job is half the battle.

  3. I am glad to hear you are happy with your job... I love mine but it can be stressful and the commute just about drives me around the bin... I am really grateful for it though xox

  4. What a great thing to be able to say! It sounds ideal. I am so glad you found your niche!!!

  5. What a great thing to be able to say! It sounds ideal. I am so glad you found your niche!!!

  6. I would love a flexible work place -Hanna Lei

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