topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, April 28, 2016

This is True

There will likely be times in your life 
when your soul evolves more quickly
than your circumstances.
                                           -Daily OM

Yeah, This is true and I have felt like this for a very long time.
I honestly feel like my current life circumstance isn't teaching me anything and it hasn't for a while. I have mentioned this before.  Actually, I think at this point it is a hindrance.

But it doesn't change no matter what I do or do not do, and I cannot figure out why and it is extremely frustrating.

Mostly, it is just exhausting and I feel incredibly worn down.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about something she is dealing with concerning her son. Hard stuff.  Really hard stuff.
She has tried everything and then some.
It didn't work.
She just has to let the situation be what it is, and that's hard.

I can relate to that.

There comes a point when, after everything has been done that could be done, people don't need advice. They don't need or want other people giving them "answers" or suggestions. They don't need people judging them. Evaluating. Analyzing. Trying to fix.  Others thinking they know your life better than you do. That they know something you don't already know. That they have the answers you don't have. That if you would do what they say, think what they think, it would get better.

What is needed in these circumstances is just listening and acknowledging. Empathy. Acknowledging that it's hard, too hard- and there's just nothing else to be done and that really sucks and it hurts.

If you break your arm, no one is going to tell you that you can choose whether or not it hurts.
It is the same with our spirits, feelings, and hearts.

As with physical injuries, emotional injuries are greater and lesser degrees.

It is true that some people want to wallow and be victime but most don't- they are really trying to move forward. They might not know how to, and if that is the case they will look for help. But sometimes nothing works, despite trying everything. And you just have to endure whether or not you want to.

We can certainly choose how we deal with it in the sense of whether we become bitter and take it out on others (or ourselves), or if we maintain a kind heart and an open, gentle spirit.

But either way, the situation is still crappy and it's absolutely ok to just call it what it is.
Without being judged.



  1. Yeah, too often people want to actively do something and give advice, while all you really need is for them to be there and just listen.

  2. I agree that empathy is what is needed... so much less judgment... no body knows what is going on with another person... it's easy to make assumptions but that is not what we should do.

    I know how you feel Jessica, it gets exhausting to have to deal with the same thing over and over and just enduring... hugs to you xox


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