topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, April 18, 2016

Much Matcha

Matcha is a kind of Japanese green tea powder, traditionally used in tea ceremony.  It is also used to flavor sweet things and it is WONDERFUL. I wish I could find matcha kit-kats here.  Even the Japanese groceries don't have them.

Matcha has become trendy here, but I have been seriously into it for over 10 years. It is very healthy for you, too. Fine grade matcha is very expensive. It is prized for its gorgeous emerald color, its health benefits, and its taste.

When I get it in the local Japanese grocery, I pay about $7 an ounce which is pretty good.  As a tea, there are certain ways to prepare it- it is not like regular tea steeped in boiling water.  Anyhow.

They go together.

Melissa from Kiss & Make-Up and I were talking about matcha, and our love of things green, and her trip to Japan (I am insanely jealous). So we decided to do a matcha beauty inspired blog post together.

So here are my matcha-inspired favorites and a matcha-inspired makeup look.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Green Tea Lavender fragrances
Green Tea has been my favorite Spring/Summer fragrance for several years.  It is lovely.  I think it is also discontinued...but the lavender green tea (I just got this last week) is pretty close.

Most people who know me are aware that I have a really stupid amount of Urban Decay.
It is ridiculous.
I LOVE Urban Decay.

My UD matcha colors:

Kush                    Lounge

I would be terribly remiss if I did not put OIL PAINT in my products list.  Gamblin's pthalo emerald (PG 36) is a great warm-leaning green, for those times when you are not mixing your own. PG 36 is non-toxic and is likely in your green eyeshadow formula.

I chose Kush for my matcha makeup look. Kush is part of their permanent collection and it is a great color.

I used Kush with these colors from UD Naked Smoky.
1. crease
2. top highlight
3. outer corner
4. inner corner

UD 24/7 pencil in Lucky (lower lash line) - discontinued unfortunately
Kat von D tattoo liner (the black one) upper lash line
UD Perversion mascara
Lippie is UD 1993

I don't know how Melissa does this selfie thing all the time.  It's hard.

My pet rat Q-Tip wanted to be in the matcha blog post because he can rock green like nobody's business.

....and then.....
My cat Isis came over, kissed the rat, and gave me the stink-eye until I told her she could be in the blog post too.  Because she is a cat and that's what they do.

kitty-rattie kiss

matcha stink-eye


  1. Woot, so cool to find out which products made the cut! I KNEW Lounge would be in there :-) I really like the look, Kush is a great shade.

  2. Isis probably didn't think it was right that Q-tip got a make over and she didn't, thus the stink eye. Beautiful colors and I still haven't found the matcha tea around here. I might have to order on line. You girls are having tooo much fun with your makeup.

  3. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous eye look!

  4. I like the matcha color, I love shades of green... I too have no idea how Melissa or any of the beauty bloggers do selfies so perfect... mine would stink... lol.. I have to get someone to take them all the time, I get the wrong angle for myself or something... it rarely turns out good xox

    By the way, thank you... I knew you would understand decluttering... wow... it took that long... I think I will have to rethink the month, I have large 2 bedroom with a 6 closets so I am pretty sure it will be taking me much long than I thought... I still want to do it though and keep up with it xox

  5. Oh, you look so cute.

    So I was at the grocery store yesterday and I was waiting in line behind this woman. She told the clerk that she had been looking for "mock-a powder".

    I very publicly hit my face with the palm of my hand.

  6. I love me some green on the eyes!
    I had never heard of Matcha before, I'm not sure we have it here in Italy, but I'll look out for it.


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