topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, April 22, 2016

MAC Cosmetics Resumed Animal Testing

Ok, so I just found out that MAC cosmetics has resumed testing on animals.

Because of China.
I am so angry.
Principles melt away in the face of $$$$$$$$.

In order for these atrocities to change, they must not be supported.

I'm sorry MAC, I liked you (Though I love Urban Decay more) but I am done with you.
Animals are more important than my makeup.

Urban Decay made the decision to not sell in China because of animal testing.  They stood by their beliefs when the time came to prove it.

ALL animal testing MUST stop.

You can check your products here (2016).

A comparison graphic here (2016).

I found some surprises and I'm pretty mad about it.
Boscia, Origins, Fresh.......excellent products I really love. CRAP.

I am going to use what I have because it is here already but I will NOT repurchase until these companies change.

Many brands that did NOT test on animals 
quietly started again.

And it is all because of Chinese laws and $$$$$$$$$$.


  1. That article was written in 2012...maybe things have changed by now! Lets pray!

    1. They are on the list for 2016. A lot of companies took a no-cruelty stance for YEARS then started again because of China.

  2. I don't use Mac products so I will not be buying them period unless they change their stance... there is no need to animal test make up... none


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