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topiary cats

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Let's Rant

Melissa wrote a really good rant post.

In the comments, she invited us to share the Things Which Piss Us Off.
Since I couldn't think properly at the time, I decided to do a blog post instead.

It should be mentioned that I really don't anger easily. I get sad.  Really, really sad.
But I do get irritated at some particular annoyances, which tend to make me instantly batshit crazy.

* People who sit next to me on the subway when it is crowded who don't settle down and keep jostling around and elbowing me
* That fucking piano next door
* The person who sits next to me at work.  She is incredibly yappy and spends most of the work day socializing, gossiping, and yapping on personal calls.  No joke, she starts with the personal calls every single day around 2pm, and it goes on until after 4 when I leave.
* Whistling
* People looking at their phones instead of ahead of them when they are walking
* Intentional rudeness and/or inconsideration
* Ice chewing
* Gum chewing

(you might notice at this point that a lot of my annoyances are sound-related. I have a bad case of misophonia combined with really good hearing.  :( It sucks. I love earplugs.

* When I speak to Daya and she ignores me instead of responding
* Cy Twombly
* Naming storms other than hurricanes
* Constant stupid emails about absolutely every major and minor holiday being a reason to go out and buy something
* Christmas in September
* Christmas in October
* Christmas in November
* The entire month of August
* Married women whose husbands go away for a few days and they say it is like being a single mom
* People who equate having a dog the same as having a child
* People who think all women want babies just because we are women
* Taking a bath and the hot water goes out (happens too often in this building)
* Captivate (it's software) bugs


  1. A good whine helps occasionally.

  2. That's quite a list...! LOL.


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