topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, April 08, 2016

Did & Did Not

*Today = yesterday=Thursday. Blog is a day behind.

Today I Did Not:

*Meet anyone new
*Get sick
*Go to the art store
*Blast the neighbors
*Get to take a nap

Today I Did:

*Drink a lot of tea
*Work late
*Wear green eyeshadow
*Go to Sephora twice*
*Copy Dru and Branwen because they went out for Mexican.  Daya was at dance til late, and between working pretty late and my Sephora trip, going home wasn't really worth it.  Well, it wasn't until Dru sent me a text of her margarita with Branwen. So I took myself out for Mexican.  Me and my kindle. I am reading a very strange book.

Mexican was such an excellent idea

*I just bought a new UD spot concealer to replace the ones I used up. Apparently I got the wrong shade, which Daya pointed out to me at the bus stop. Crap.  Sephora stop #1 was an exchange before work.

Sephora #2 was after work to use my VIB Rouge 15% off coupon.

So, today was like a Sephora Sandwich.


  1. What green did you wear? :-)

  2. Everything is greening up in my garden too. ;)
    Mexican sounds yummy.

  3. Haha... Sephora sandwich... I have never shopped there yet and it is only about a 10 minute walk from me... I heard they are expensive but I am going to purchase a liquid liner there that my oldest daughter told me about xox


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