topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cool Books From My Library

I have a lot of books.

There are many people with a lot more living space who have larger libraries than mine, but I still have a lot of books. Easily in the thousands.

I do have a very excellent art book collection.

These days my fiction-reading is all on kindle (I had to go electronic to save space, no regrets) but I get all my art books in physical copy.  (Cookbooks too.)

Here are five cool art books.

Herbs for the Medieval Household
I got this book back when I worked at the Met in college.  it came with a companion book about medieval households, which is also on my shelf, right next to this one.

This is an art book of a game. 
The art is just awesome.

I happen to love concept art, and I tend to pick up art books for games, films, etc if I like the art style.
This one is one of my favorites.

Harold Speed.
Enough said.

This is a book which deals with visual storytelling through composition.


I have yet to see another book which deals with non-verbal communication through two-dimensional composition as in-depth as this one does.

I had this book when I was in elementary school.  It was one of my first drawing books. The copy in my library is not the same copy I had-- but I found it a few years ago, happily!
I LOVED this book (still do) and spent many hours with it as a child.

The dimetrodon was always my favorite.


  1. My goodness. It sounds like you have more books than I and I love books too. I have tried to cut down on purchasing books now days. I got tired of trying to find a place to store them. I tend to not read books more than once. My criteria for purchasing a hard copy of a book is: will I read it again; does it have pictures or illustrations that enhance the book. If none of this pertains to the book I get it on my Nook or borrow from the library. I love to peruse other peoples libraries.

  2. Woah, how cool is The Art of Alice: Madness Returns???


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