topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, April 03, 2016

A Nice Stranger

Pebbles needed more Prozac so I made a quick trip to the vet.
I can walk to the vet or take the bus.  Since it was rainy, I decided to take the bus.  It is a short ride; under 10 minutes.

I tracked the bus and left so that it would be there when I got to the bus stop.
I arrived at the vet and got the Prozac, which has unfortunately jumped in price.

The bus I have to take is notoriously terrible; it usually takes forever. So I was glad to see when I tracked it for the return journey it was only two stops away.

I got on the bus.
Stunningly, my metrocard wouldn't work.
Now, I have a Transit Check unlimited metrocard.  My transit is deducted before taxes from my paycheck, and the card never runs out.  I get a special card from Transit Check which says Transit Check on looks different on the back than the normal metrocards.

Unlimited cards, unless it is a transfer, require 17 minutes between swipes.

I could not believe it had been less than 17 minutes.
Seriously, it was probably 16 minutes.

The driver wouldn't let me on the bus.  I asked if I could swipe when I got off.  I told her I had just come around to get medicine from the vet.

I showed her the Prozac.
I showed her the unlimited metrocard.
I asked really nicely.

She said no.

I could not believe it. Usually they are nicer about it.

It was still raining, but I prepared to just walk home.

But then- a nice stranger lady who was sitting in the front stopped me from getting off the bus and she gave me a metrocard that had one fare on it. I told her I had no money to pay for it, she said don't worry.

That was really, really nice of her.

It's true that I swipe strangers through all the time on the train, usually when I am exiting, but I don't pay for it because my card is unlimited.

So, thank you very nice stranger!!


  1. Awwww, it's that kind of stories that restore my faith in people.

  2. That is so nice... I would swipe people through too if I had an unlimited card... I think she was extra nice for giving up her one fare she had there... Have a great one Jessica xox

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