topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Walking Again

I did my first nice long walk of the season, since the weather is nice and the days are longer.

I think it's kind of messed up that walking almost 7 miles didn't burn more calories.

Back in another lifetime before I had a kid, I went to the gym and I liked it.
Now, I'm not so sure the gym would be for me.  I like being outside.

I like the bridges and the water.
I love living somewhere where I can basically walk anywhere.

My walk is not really pretty for the most part, and there are some dodgy areas, but it is long and straightforward,  I can have my music up and go on autopilot, with the exception of watching out for traffic.

I can pretty much walk indefinitely.

It's also time to scope out some new painting spots.

Under the subway tracks


  1. Outdoors > gym any day as far as I'm concerned!

  2. Jessica this is exactly why I love walking and I'm an outdoor girl too. Although I'm not completely healed I've been given the green light to walk longer distances (without hills) ... which isn't easy in Halifax as it's a city if hills :-)

  3. We walk daily. I love walking too. Annie is the main reason I walk daily though. I would just be out in the garden. This time of year I am out there a LOT. I am trying to make the garden beds neat and tidy before it gets so hot I won't want to be out except in early morning or late evening. Get out there and soak up those spring airs. Interesting sites you have even if they aren't especially pretty. The river is beautiful even if surrounded by city.

  4. Walking is great. Looking at calories is not the way to go about things. :) There are so so so many benefits to walking beyond that.


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