topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 14, 2016


I actually started a painting today.  (Well, when this posts, yesterday)
A little one, acrylic, and I wanted to finish it but it needs more time.  Sometimes paintings need a little more time, even the little ones.

All paintings are little journeys.  They have a starting point- an inspiration, a reason to make the painting in the first place.  Starting points are as varied as paintings themselves. Some are easy and straightforward, others- well, notsomuch.

They all have a beginning, a middle, and sometimes an end.
Some are long journeys and some are very short.
Some of them are crappy from the get-go and then they surprise you with the end result.
Others start out quite well and then fall on their faces.
Some paintings are hateful and some are loving.
Some talk more than others. (Yes, paintings absolutely do talk. Some are loud and obnoxious.  Once, I was working on a portrait and it was sitting half-finished on the actually gave me a nightmare.)
Some need more guidance from the painter, and some tell the painter what to do. Usually it is both.
All paintings love art supplies, new and old.
Sometimes paintings are friends with each other and must be hung together.
Paintings have a language in which they communicate to the artist- the process of painting is very much about both listening and speaking.  A lot of people learn how to speak but not many learn how to listen.

Sometimes, a painting will tell you what it has to say without even needing to be finished.

I haven't really had the stamina to go on a long journey-painting for a long time.
That's why I have been working so small lately.


  1. Yeah, I think you can't really 'plan' a painting. It kinda just happens, I guess.

  2. I am always so pleased when a painting takes me through the entire journey and I am happy and feel content when it is finished. I always learn something. Enjoy your journey.

  3. Sometimes it's hard to put the time into a longer endeavor. .. I find it easier to do shorter projects even with reading or writing.. I think when you are inspired to do a longer detailed project, you'll find the time and desire ♡ xox

  4. A lot of people learn how to speak but not many learn how to listen... So true.


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