topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, February 14, 2016

V Day

I blasted the neighbors again, and this time I didn't feel bad about it.
It's really a shame they don't like Pink Floyd.
How could anyone not like Pink Floyd??


Daya has a problem with her ankle.  her teachers say it's either achilles heel tendinitis or an overworked ankle.  She has to stay off it for a while. This is good timing because school and dance are out for winter break next week.

She has a performance on Feb 29th but I am sure she will be better by then.  In the meantime, the ankle has to stay wrapped, iced, and elevated. So Daya sits at her computer table with her foot resting on the table, and she says it is quite comfy.
I told her it is a good thing she is bendy.

It is V Day and we are going exactly nowhere because it is crazy-cold, even by my standards.
Temp is 1 whole degree, not accounting for the wind chill. (That's -27C.)

I got Daya some chocolates, of course.


  1. -27, yikes! We're not going out either, it's stay-in weather here too. I hope Daya's ankle feels better soon.

  2. I have been seeing on the news/weather that your area is to have record cold. Just as well you stay inside what with Daya's ankle sore. I hope it is just a little over worked and nothing more. Have a warm toasty happy Valentines Day.

  3. We are starting to have that bitter cold here... not quite that bad yet but I am sure it will move up here... I hope Daya feels better soon xox


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