topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Bad Kitty Haul

Nick Bruel is going around doing book signings to promote the release of Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet.
We love the Bad Kitty series.  Daya has all the books.

So I took Daya to her first book signing. She got four books autographed.

Daya and Nick Bruel

I got this Bad Kitty tote bag, AND IT IS ALSO SIGNED!

Since it was very nice out, we went to the Container Store at Daya's request.
She fell in love with the Container Store.
She got three bins for her barre area.

We were also right by Da Vinci Art Supply, so I told Daya we were going in.
They are clearing out their stock of Unison pastels- $2.49 each!!! (They go for about $7 each normally)
Daya waited patiently while I went through ALL of them, looking for the LT series.

I got ALL of the LT series, 2-18.  (There is no LT 1- it is white)
There is a set of them on Blick with a lowest price of $91.97.

At $2.49 each, I paid $42.33 FOR THE ENTIRE SET!  YEAH!


  1. Did he do the cat drawing too? Cute :-)

  2. I have never heard of the cat series. It sounds like quite an adventure.
    Love your LT colors.

  3. Valentina was a huge fan of Bad Kitty, she had all the books up until about a year ago... she loved them. I need to help her find a new book series she would love, reading is such a great past time... xox


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