topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, February 01, 2016


I cannot run the new Tomb Raider game on my computer.
The game will not launch.
After configuring the settings, still nothing.
I had to figure out why from the log file.
It did not take long.

My graphics card which was decent 5 years ago is not so great now.
Ok, well it isn't a huge surprise.
So I got a good new graphics card.
Because not being able to run the new Tomb Raider game is just not ok, ever.

I was thinking, since I have to put in a new graphics card, why not see if I should put in a new processor, too? Mine is five years old after all.

I looked and thought about it- and while my processor could probably use an upgrade to i7 or along those lines I don't really think it is necessary yet. But while I was nosing around at different processors, I also looked at thermal paste, which you have to use as a barrier between the heat sync and the processor.

So now on Facebook, my sponsored ads are for Sephora and thermal paste.

Advertisement personalization at its finest


  1. I'm thinking about getting a few upgrades first to before I buy the new game (which I simply MUST!). I think I *could* run it, but I want it to run smooth as butter, Lara deserves only the best ;-)

  2. You designed that? I think it looks good!!

    All the Cute
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    1. no I didn't design anything. that is a screenshot of the ads that are dished upto me on facebook based on my browsing history. Makeup and computer geek stuff.

  3. So cute! Good luck with your advertising! I know you are happy your game is up and running again!!! YAY!!!

  4. Ha, yes it is creepy the way they put ads on FB. If you accidently click onto something it might pop up there. ugh

    Have fun playing your game. It has been so warm here I have been playing outside.


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