topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, February 12, 2016

Perfect Metaphor

Pebbles peed on my bed again. That's the second time this week.
She only pees on my bed exactly where I sleep. Then she moves over and falls asleep.
On my brand new down comforter.

I can't.
I cannot deal.

I mean, I REALLY cannot deal.

Contrary to Daya's belief, I really am very fond of Pebbles. This is upsetting on many levels.

I do not think Pebbles would be happy as an outdoor cat. She is way too attached to her creature comforts. She is a princess indoor cat. She loves people. She loves comfort and luxury. She loves... well, garbage cans.

Those things aside, Pebbles has already been abandoned once. She was clearly raised with people, and they dumped her when she was pregnant to die in an empty apartment.  She was literally starving to death at 4 lbs.  4 out of her 6 kittens died from failure to thrive- she didn't have the resources to nourish them. This has done something to her cat-brain, because she is always trying to take care of someone else.  Me, Daya, Furball.

The prozac was working.
We doubled the dose last week.

The other thing is that Daya is intensely attached to Pebbles. She loves all the cats, but Pebbles is her special cat.  Most nights, Pebbles sleeps with Daya. Pebbles knows this routine and when it is time for Daya to go to bed, Pebbles is right there, waiting. Then she sleeps on Daya's head all night.

The situation is actually a perfect metaphor for my own life.
I have given that cat everything- rescue, love, care, food, water, entertainment, friends, medical attention, my attention, daily medication to resolve this problem- everything I know how to do.  All the right things.

And the end result is cat pee on my bed.

This is pretty much how everything in my life turns out, despite my efforts, good intentions, diligence, and hard work. And it seems like things finally are going well......

.....and again I end up with cat pee on my bed, in a figurative sense (as well as literal).


The only thing I can think of to do at this point is have Pebbles live in Daya's room, because Daya has a door and I do not.

I cannot have her on my bed anymore.


Everything.  I have done everything right which should give good results.

And I just end up with a puddle of cat pee.


  1. Awwww... it doesn't HAVE to be like that though. Sounds like you've just had your fair share of bad luck in life :-( I'm so sorry.

  2. You don't owe Pebbles anything. Take her to an organization that will rehome her. Don't analyze, look back, or feel sorry for her or yourself. Look forward...after you get her out. Your daughter will understand, eventually. You can't live a peaceful life like this.

  3. Awe Jessica, I totally understand... it is so frustrating when you are doing all that you can and then she just pees again... I think it might good for her to stay in Daya's room but if that does not work out, you need to give yourself a break... it is not fair for you to live that way xox


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