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topiary cats

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nasty Horrid Neighbor

My neighbor Olga called the police on me Monday night. Because I rang the buzzer to try to talk to them AGAIN about the piano which is right up against our only shared wall.

*Olga doesn't like me because they used to live above me and they were so horribly loud I put in noise complaints. They had 2 official adults, 2 official kids, 1 unofficial adult, and another unofficial kid (relatives imported from Russia) all living above me in a 1 bedroom apartment.  I don't know what the ever-loving fuck they were doing, but it was loud enough to skew paintings on the wall, and even take my computer out of standby. The landlord gave them a 2 bedroom apartment next door to me with no one underneath.

*The people who own the bike shop down the block lived in my apartment before me. They also had major issues with her. They called the police on Olga because of the excessive noise.  The police said, wow, that's dreadful and told them to move. They did.

I, however, and NOT moving.

*They have an end apartment.  They have one wall that is a shared wall- with me.  And this is where they put their piano. It is as loud in my living room as it is in their apartment.  I can hear it even through earplugs.

*I didn't call the police on them when they would ring my buzzer on purpose at 2am.

*I have been asking them to please move the piano.  The super asked.  The landlord asked. The landlord suggested I speak to them, so I have been trying to do that.  The daughter always answers the door.  Monday night Olga answered the door.  She started insulting me, refused to talk to me, and she called the police.

*Technically she is not required to move the piano but the police said they would ask her to move it.

I tried to be nice about this but Olga is just a really nasty horrid person.  And I think she hits her daughter because I hear her yelling and the daughter screaming sometimes. The girl is by herself a lot and I feel bad for her. None of this is the daughter's fault.

*One day about 8 years ago when the daughter was 6 years old, Olga left to go shopping.  Left the daughter alone for a long time.  I found her wandering in the hallway, she had left her apartment and locked herself out. She went looking for her mother because she was scared of witches. I asked her when the mother would be back.  She didn't know.  I asked what is your mother's phone number.  She didn't know.

I regret not calling 911.

Instead I took the child in, and she was with me for about 45 minutes.  She could have just walked outside into the street. Olga never even thanked me, I heard her screaming so loudly at the child, and the child screaming in terror...I went back to interrupt that.....

Anyhow that's the kind of person Olga is.

I really don't like to stoop so low, but if they do not move that piano, and according to the police they don't have to and can play it up to 9pm, I can also direct loud music into their apartment until 9pm.
She actually told me outright she's doing it on purpose.

Well I can do it too, then. I also have the right to be obnoxious. Sometimes people only understand if you communicate to them on their own level.  They don't understand anything else.

I'm not even asking them to stop- I am just asking them to move it to a different wall.

Basic consideration and courtesy to others goes a very long way.
Lack of this makes everyone insane.

I suppose that's why we need so many laws, because people can't seem to manage the basics.



  1. Aw hun, I can totally relate :-( :-( We have horribly noisy neighbors too end I've filed several complaints against them. Not with the police though, just with the housing agency. But still, I'm pretty sure they know the complaints come from me and even though they are COMPLETELY justified (got audio to back up my claims) they always give me the stink eye...

    Olga sounds like a royal bitch, especially if she TOTALLY realizes the piano noise is that bad. I agree that retaliating isn't really a solution but at some point you just break, right, I totally know how you feel. Our neighbors always party deep into the night and I cannot tell you how many times I've felt like putting the loudest dub step on at 7AM in the morning when I get up just to get back at them.

    I hope the situation improves soon, so sorry you have to deal with this.

  2. I totally understand, I have neighbors above me, I call them the neighbors from Hell... she doesn't want to see me in the hallway or I will say exactly how I feel. they let their 2 year old daughter run and bang on hardwood floors until late in the evening... my 12 year old daughter is in bed by 8:30 and I would never let her make such a racket... They just moved in 6 months ago, I have been there close to 8 years, they will be moving before I do... guaranteed.

    I would make just as much noise as they did, I agree with you totally... if they cannot be reasonable then go for it... I also think they might be hitting their child, I don't like to call on people but I was abused as a child and no one helped me... I can't sit ideally by and not do something... so time will tell...


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