topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Yesterday afternoon Daya had another dentist appointment.  A quick one.  She just needs a few more sealants.

I scheduled the appointment for 2:30. I notified school I was picking her up early at 1:45.
That should be plenty of time. I worked from home.

I knew Daya would be hungry, so I made her a shrimp-filled onigiri (Japanese rice ball wrapped in seaweed).

Daya's school is a very quick ride on the bus- less than 10 minutes. It's just across the neighborhood.
I planned on leaving around 1:15 but was running late, so it was more like 1:25.  Still ok.

It was cold and raining and I did not bring my umbrella.  Also, I was wearing my light jacket.
Bad decisions.

I just missed the bus and the next one was Very Far Away.

Ok, not too big a deal, Route #2 activated- 2 fast train stops and another quick bus ride.

I just missed THAT bus, too.

Time check: 1:38.


At this point I started to wonder if I should have just walked to her school in the first place.
20 minutes, but guaranteed.  But I was COLD.  And it was raining!

That stupid bus took FOREVER.
I was still waiting at 1:50.

2:15ish- arrived at school very late. Collected Daya.
Went back to the bus (a different one).

Gave Daya the rice ball.  She loved it.
We waited.
It was cold.
Time: 2:34.
I had to call the dentist.
They said since her appointment was so short, they had someone else booked at 2:45.
We rescheduled.

Daya saw the bus she takes to dance approach.  She wanted to go, so I said ok, bye.

Then I waited until my stupid bus finally showed up and I went home.

I spent 1 hour and 20 minutes freezing cold in the rain waiting for buses and going around in a pointless circle for what should have been a 10 minute trip.

The ONLY thing accomplished was that 
Daya ate a rice ball 
at a bus stop 
waiting for a bus 
she didn't even get on.

*Jacket: FAIL
*Umbrella: FAIL
*Bus: FAIL x 2
*Dentist: FAIL
*Rice Ball:  SUCCESS

well the rice ball was successful at least


  1. Oh Jess... I've had those days, they are not fun at all. I'm glad the rice ball was a success :-)

  2. The rice ball sounds very tasty. Glad Daya liked it. Hope today will be better!

  3. Bummer. What a day. BLAH.... I hope today is better. That rice ball sounds interesting.

  4. Well, all wasn't lost, then, haha! Great story for the blog and another rainy day in the distant future, but really annoying when it happens.


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