topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, February 29, 2016

A Poor Decision

Once upon a time...

...two brothers named Ben and Jerry went shopping at an exclusive Korean market in Paris.

They purchased several unusual items.  Only a few were perishable.

They were very happy and excited about their purchases.

A foreign independent film was playing in a nearby theater.
Jerry said, "Ben, I know of a candle shop where we can put our bags during the film. I am friends with the owner and I know they will not mind."

So, Ben and Jerry put a total of two (2) bags in the candle shop where they would not be disturbed.

They went to view the film and had a lovely outing.

When they returned to the candle shop to collect their parcels, the shop was closed.

"I was not expecting that," said Jerry.
"Don't worry, I know how to pick locks," said Ben.
"Wow," said Jerry.
"I need something long and thin." said Ben.
Jerry looked in his pockets. As it so happened, he had a safety pin and an eyeglass repair kit.
"I can pick the lock with that!" said Ben.

He tried and got very close, but alas, success eluded the brothers.

They then noticed the store hours sign, which indicated that 1) the shop had been closed for several hours and 2) the shop would open again in two days' time.

Jerry said to Ben, "Well, I'll have to mail you your Korean delicacies."
Ben said, "Ok."
Jerry said, "Nice work trying to pick that lock. You have mad skillz and I appreciate your valiant effort."

Ben said, "Lock-picking is a valuable skill. I am going to get you a lock-picking kit for Diwali."

They took the metro home and wrote a blog post about the incident.

Ben said, "Are you sure no one will recognize us in the blog post?"
Jerry said, "Yep, I'm mostly sure."

The End


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