topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, January 29, 2016

Unconfirmed Yeti

I received this notification yesterday afternoon:

Notification issued 1/28/16 at 3:19 PM. New York City is aware of unconfirmed reports of an earthquake in the New York City / New Jersey area. The New York City Emergency Management has consulted the US Geological Survey and the Earth Observatory at Columbia University. Neither has identified any seismic activity at this time. New York City Emergency Management will continue to monitor the condition and issue updates as necessary.

How can an earthquake be "unconfirmed"?
Doesn't an earthquake either happen or not?

I only remember one earthquake here.  It was during the work day and Daya was at the office with me.  It felt like someone shook my chair.  I thought it was Daya, but it was an earthquake. My desk is 15 stories up.

With all the snow we had....maybe the unconfirmed earthquake was actually a renegade yeti....

Unconfirmed Yeti


Notification issued 1/28/16 at 4:21 PM. New York City Emergency Management has confirmed with the United States Geological Survey that the previously reported "earthquake activity" was a sonic boom from an aircraft near the town of Hammonton, New Jersey and was NOT an earthquake.


Sonic boom yeah right. It was absolutely, definitely- a yeti.


  1. I vote for Yeti too. It must be the snow that brought him out.

  2. Wait... I... I feel something... might be an earthquake! May also just be gas.

  3. Wait... is this all comical? So bizarre... wow! "Unconfirmed" indeed...! Did they end up saying what caused the sonic boom? Was anyone injured? Crazy it was felt in NY!

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