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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The End of an Era

Well, Dr. Zizmor is retired!

If you have lived in NYC for a while, you will know who Dr. Zizmor is. He is locally famous.

Dr. Z is (was) a dermatologist based on the upper east side (60th or 61st I think) and he was the first doctor to advertise in the subway.  And on TV. Heavily.  For the last 25 years.

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, more often or not the subway car you were in was shouting out "Come See Dr. Z!"

For the holidays, his picture would be on the ads with his wife.

Even Daya has seen and commented on his ads on the train.

The Gothamist did an article on it with an interview.

Dr. Zizmor: There were none, there were no doctors ads. Why did I do it? In those days, dermatology was very exclusive, chic, chic. Most people, different ethnicity groups didn't even know there were dermatologists. I felt I wanted to open it up, treat people of all demographics and so on. And I really started doing that, from the very rich to the poor, black, white, whatever. So I was the only one on the subway for about 25 years.

You know what?  I have to salute the guy on that.  And apparently, despite the awful cheeziness of his ads, he is a good doctor.

Google does not have the really old ad of Dr Z with his wife.  But they both wish you happy holidays!

Dr. Zizmor's ads are so locally famous they spawned a parody ad.  I saw this one on the train with Daya last year. She laughed at it.  I laughed harder and explained it to her.  But still, it is a context thing.

Goodbye Dr. Zizmor, this truly is the end to an era!


  1. Sounds like he's a real celebrity there ;-)

  2. He must be a real celebrity because I saw this information someplace else. I didn't know who he was and was wondering why they had posted that this dr was retiring. ha..

  3. Glad to hear he was a good doctor in spite of the cheesy ads...but yes, the end of a long era!

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