topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The 2016 Pantone Palette

Every year I wait with anticipation to see what the new Pantone color of the year is.
Mostly because I am interested in what Sephora has done with it.

I only have one of the Sephora Pantone palettes (the Marsala one), because I am really selective about non-Urban Decay makeup purchases. (Speaking of UD I haven't been into their latest offerings, either.  All these neutrals bore me.)

This year the color is two colors...a light pink and a periwinkle blue.
The palette is a watercolor-inspired color collection.  It is really beautiful.
Better for spring, I think.

I got it when it went on sale online, and it magically appeared under the Christmas tree. :)
If you like the palette enough to get it, get it sooner rather than later.   They do tend to go fast.


  1. Love the colors. This time of year I am starved for color. Color, COLOR! YES...
    My niece works for Sephora in Franklin, TN. Has worked for them for years. I don't wear makeup. Funny how that works.


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