topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Today we are supposed to get snow! The forecast is 12 to 18 inches!
I hope it is nice packing snow, not the useless powdery stuff.

Here in NYC we don't really get a lot of snow, because of all the water around us.  It's warmer here than even just a couple of hours away.


Here is some snow from January 2015.


  1. We get snow here pretty much from late fall to early spring, and I LOVE it! Winter is definitely my favorite season. Enjoy!

  2. Snow is fun. We have a layer of snow. The big snow storm that is to bring you snow missed our area. Have fun...

  3. I heard you got the snow, was it the packing snow... I live right next to the water and we get tons of snow here... I could go for a lot less of it myself ... even if it is pretty when it is falling xox


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