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topiary cats

Friday, January 15, 2016

Nap, Interrupted

The other day on the way to work I took my customary morning commute snooze on the train.
At one of the local stops, about 20 minutes in, the train stopped as usual.

But instead of closing the doors and continuing on, the conductor came on the loudspeaker and kicked everyone off the train due to a track fire ahead.  There was no pause, no warning, no re-routing, nothing. Just "This train is out of service due to a track fire. Everyone off the train!"

It needs to be mentioned that the train was extremely crowded.

So everyone got off and crowded onto the platform, which was too small for the crowd.

I stepped off the train and immediately thought, "Oh, NO WAY. I am NOT standing in this crowd waiting for the problem to resolve itself.

Very briefly, I thought of just going home and working from home...but I had already gone through the effort of getting ready for work and getting out the door.

There are some days that should not start with wasted effort.
I did not want my efforts to be wasted.

I sort-of know the area where the train stopped.  Well enough to know what other trains were around if I walked more or less in the general direction.  And I found the other train line without any trouble, which was impressive since I was still half asleep and disgruntled.

And of course people came up to me and asked for directions to the train.

For some reason, EVERYONE asks me for directions. I am Directions Central. Doesn't matter where I am. Tourists ask me for directions.  Locals ask me for directions. In all boroughs.  (Except Staten Island because I don't go there)

It is a good thing that, for the most part, I can tell them where to go.

I got on the train (again) and got to work, but I couldn't resume my nap due to the train being unbearably crowded.


There are trash cans everywhere in the subway.  WHY do people have to be gross and disgusting and throw debris onto the tracks?


It is a major cause of track fires!


  1. Blegh, no fun. And yeah, I don't understand that people STILL litter so much. There are trash cans every 10 meters, folks!

  2. When you have to travel so far to work there are times when something will happen. I am glad you are so capable that people see this. Littering is makes me crazy. I hate it. I pick up around my property and I mentally abuse those that do this. Grrrrrrrrrr

  3. I'm glad you were resourceful and made it to work... I've had days like that and it's not easy to press forward.xox

    I'm with you about the trash, I wish people wouldn't be so disgusting.

    People rarely ask me for directions and it's good because I'm terrible at giving them, even though I can find my way around easily enough.. :-) ♡


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