topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Free is Golden

When I was in NJ with Dru and Branwen, we went to this little quaint town (Clinton) to check out the shops on Main Street. There is a tiny art supply store there, so we went.  Duh.

I was just looking, browsing and not seeing anything I don't already have or want, and a tote bag caught my eye. It was with the Golden paints. It had a hand painted color sample chart on it.

Golden makes really great acrylics.  They are my favorite acrylic brand.
And I also LOVE color charts.

So I took the bag to the counter and asked how much.  The lady said she didn't know, and she asked the man who runs the shop with her.  He said "Oh, Golden sent it.  It was free."

So the very nice lady at the teeny art supply shop gave me the tote bag for free!

Isn't it pretty? Wasn't that really nice?


  1. What a nice gesture. Love the color chart. Inspiration is everywhere.

  2. Awe that is sweet that they gave it to you for free xox

  3. That fits you so much. I hope you get lots of wear out of it.


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