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topiary cats

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another Sandwich Post

Unintentionally, I have another sandwich story from yesterday morning.

I pack Daya's lunch every day.
(Which is why I am puzzled as to why I got a letter saying I owe $5.45 for school lunch this year)

Sometimes I find a squished PB&J in the bottom of Daya's lunch bag.
Who wants to eat a squished sandwich?
No one.
It is understandable.

The other day I was re-arranging my plastic container cabinet and way in the back I found an old sandwich case.  It is purple and has a picture of Dora the Explorer on it.

Dora non-withstanding, it is a very useful container.

Yesterday morning I made Daya a cheeze sandwich (meunster) and I put it in the Dora container so it would not get squished.

I knew Dora would be a problem.
And I understand that.  Completely.

I showed it to Daya which elicited the expected horrified reaction.

However, because I am a painter I am prepared for these things.
I told her not to worry, I would take care of Dora.

So I colorfix primed the lid. Covered everything. In purple!
It wasn't quite dry by the time we had to leave so I put the container in a ziplock bag.

Daya: I don't want gesso getting all over my lunch bag!
Me: It's not gesso it's COLORFIX PRIMER! And that's why I put it in the ziplock.
Daya: ok.


  1. Haha, bye bye Dora then :-)

  2. That's so funny! It's both sad and fascinating when kids grow out of things that they once favored. My daughter was OBSESSED with Frozen and anything Elsa!! The past year, she's almost 10, it's very apparent that Frozen is pretty "uncool." Deep down, I know she still kinda likes it and such... but it's probably "for babies" now.

    All the Cute
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  3. Haha... Dora has been long gone here lol... Valentina was CRAZY about her years ago... I like how creative you were in saving the container ♡ xox


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