topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, December 07, 2015

Winter Walk

Dru is my friend which makes me extremely lucky.
She said "Come up for Winter Walk."
I said "Ok."

So Daya and I went.

Winter Walk was just lovely.  The weather this year was perfect.

Oh wait.  Pause.

I forgot to say what the heck Winter Walk is.

Winter Walk is an annual winter festival on Warren St in Hudson.
The shops are open late and there are horses and reindeer and alpacas.
So it is a good time.

Here are some pictures.

The Art Supply Store
Very Important Place

Purple Icicles

The Grinch

Traditional Holiday Jellyfish

Warren Street
Two-Horse Open Cart

Tree by freight train tracks

Wonderfully floofy and huge puppy

Reindeer who didn't give a shit about people

Little kitten-cat at Animal Kind
Anyone who dresses up in a bodysuit cat costume
is forever awesome

Alpacas who didn't give a shit about people

Alpacas R Us
I desperately want a pet alpaca

Cool display with purple lights

Purple holiday lights

Going to The Second Show
is pretty much mandatory


Cool Window

Other Part of Cool Window




  1. All of your kitties would love an alpaca to curl up with to keep warm. This place looks like lots of fun.

  2. Beautiful... Halifax needs a Winter walk, I would so go for that... of course they would have to do it before the weather became too treacherous and cold... now would be a good time... I am glad you had a little fun Jessica xox

  3. How fun! I'd enjoy that too.

  4. Wonderful photos! So glad you and Daya came! What a great weekend!!

  5. Hi Jesica. Was sad that my sick kitty prevented me from entertaining the idea of joining you all so am really happy to see your wonderful photos:) Thaks!


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