topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Under the Tree

There were a few things besides cats under the tree for Daya. The cats were there too, helping. Supervising. 
At 4am.

That huge present was a ballet barre and mirrors.
Daya is ridiculously happy.

Furball is afraid of Christmas morning.


Cats like to sleep on 5lb Hershey bars.


  1. Now that is a BIG box of Hersheys, haha :-) So far I got 3 boxes of Belgian chocolate already, and we're only three days in, lol. Happy holidays!

  2. We used to have a dog that was afraid of Christmas. She hid when we started ripping open gifts.
    Such fun and to top it off with 5# of Hershey's chocolate. Wow. I have never seen such a huge candy bar.

  3. Daya must be over the moon with getting a barre and mirrors, that is awesome Jessica... and wow to the size of that chocolate bar xox ♡

  4. I bet Daya was over the moon. Good mama!


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