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topiary cats

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Vintage Train

Every year the MTA runs one of the really old trains for a few Sundays in December.  We rode the train this year.  There were cars from the 1930s. It was so cool.

Seriously cool.

I was choosing pictures to post here but when I realized how many there were.... it was too many.
If you want to see all the pictures they are here.

Here are a few.  I get carried away with pictures because they are just so stinking COOL.  I love the history.  I love the old advertisements.  I LOVE the old maps!!  I love thinking about the people who rode these trains and their daily lives.  I love the history of this city.

actually you're probably DEAD now...

We took the train on its full route, from Queens Plaza down to 2nd Ave.  Since we were going to visit a friend afterward, it was easiest to just take the M train from Essex St on the Lower East Side.

Daya hasn't spent much time down there, so we walked over to the Delancey/Essex Street station.
The Lower East Side is an old part of the city with tons and tons of history.  The Bowery is the original skid row. Tenement houses. Squalor. Poverty. It's really a fascinating place.

And...while walking down Delancey, I saw there is a Tenement Museum!! I must go.

I NEED to go here!

In keeping with the general "oldness" of the area, the Essex Street station is also very old.  So is the Bowery has an interesting history.  Half of it has been closed, but I remember when it was fully open and operational.  It was originally meant to grow into a larger "hub" station which didn't happen.

Anyhow, Essex Street.  It is old and cool.  Here is a view from one of the platforms.  That is not a window, it is a mirror.

We got on the M train which runs from the Lower East Side (Manhattan) into Brooklyn and Queens. After Essex Street it goes above ground over the Williamsburg Bridge.

Come ride the M train with us over the Williamsburg Bridge (crossing the East River going east) into Brooklyn, to Marcy Ave.


  1. Oh yeah, this is very cool indeed! Also love things from the past.

  2. This is incredibly cool Jessica... we are losing so much of the history of our past, it is nice to see them bring it back from time to time xox

  3. I love these, thanks for sharing. -Hanna Lei

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  4. The train ride looks super cool. What a richly historic place our city is! Fun video taking us along with you too. Thanks for the ride, LOL!


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