topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mostly Dead

Last Saturday evening, I killed my kindle.

I carefully packaged it in a (slightly-used) ziplock bag and brought it with me for a nice hot soak in the bath.  I meant for me to soak, not the kindle. It fell in the bath.  PLONK.  I didn't worry too much because it was in the ziplock bag.

I fished it out and carried on as usual. When I removed it from the ziplock it was very wet. That slightly-used ziplock was not water-tight. Damn.

The kindle sat in front of my heater for over 24 hours to dry out. It really seemed to be ok. I charged it.

On Monday, it was not charged after having charged all night.  Hmmmm.  But it seemed ok other than having a low battery. Then it went to the critical battery screen.  I did...I don't know how many hard resets. It was charged with a wall outlet.  The light comes on but no one is home.

It will not charge. When I plug it in, the light comes on. So there's something there, it is not all-dead...just "mostly dead".

For all intents and purposes, it means I needed a new Kindle.

 --insert expletives here--

I can't be without my reads. No.
So I got another Kindle.  Amazon does same-day delivery here! I made the cutoff by 40 minutes.

Goodbye old Kindle Paperwhite. (I think.*)  :(

See how the light is on?
Is it a zombie Kindle now?

*I said to Daya, "If it ever comes back to life, it is yours."
She said, "But it doesn't work."
I said "Nope."
She said "So really, you're giving me nothing."
I said, "That's right."

I was lamenting my Kindle's semi-death with my fellow Pastel forum staff members on Wetcanvas.... And Dierdre made this guilt-inflicting image....


  1. Oh no :-( RIP, Kindle...

  2. Did you investigate to see if there was a kindle that would take a slight dunking? Have you tried putting the wet one in rice? I have heard of people that drowned their phones doing this with success. Worth a try. I have never even been able to read a book while in the tub. I have soaked several books and magazines. ha...

  3. Oh no... I want a Kindle... I haven't purchased one yet but it is something I want eventually... I hear amazing things about them... maybe I would start reading again xox


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