topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye, Squishalicious

The Toys R Us flagship store in Times Square is closing as of tomorrow. I remembered when it opened 16 years ago.  It is huge, with a ferris wheel, a giant Barbie castle, and... Squishalicious.

Squishalicious is the huge robotic dinosaur on the third floor.
I named him Squishalicious after Carey thought he should have a name.
Because he is so adorable and cuddly.

Squishalicious is probably the coolest thing about Times Square, and now he has to find another home.

Also, now I don't know where to get my pink grapefruit gummy bears.

Although the huge Toys R Us was mostly a tourist attraction, and every time I went in there I was disoriented by the sheer visual chaos, I will miss it.  It was convenient.

We also lost FAO Schwartz, although they are apparently re-opening somewhere else, but it isn't the same. No one can afford the cost of operating a physical store anymore.  They cannot compete with online retailers who have better prices and better selection.

The huge space will be broken up into smaller retail shops.

We love you forever Squishalicious


  1. That is too bad. Goodbye Squishalicious.

  2. I am saddened when a physical store cannot keep opened, I love going shopping in the store than doing it on line... I like to physically look at items and try clothes on... I am old school I guess xox


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