topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, December 03, 2015

About Nothing

It is Wednesday night and I need a post for tomorrow (Thursday).
It is difficult sometimes to come up with content for this no-real-theme-blog.
But I like posting every day.

I was going to come home and do a pastel painting on Pastelmat (which is supremely amazing paper oh my gosh), and I still might do it but I have to leave in a half hour to get Daya from dance and I don't feel like starting something then getting up.  And once I get Daya home I have to make dinner And then go out again for a little while soooo...

The painting might get started but I doubt it will get finished.

It has been raining all day.

Pebbles is in the box and hasn't even so much as looked at me since I have been home. Isis and Furball have both said hello very nicely.

My next door neighbors have a piano right on the other side of our shared wall which irks me because it is loud and I can hear it everywhere in my apartment, even underwater in the bathtub.  Someone over there plays, they are pretty good actually except they only play two songs. And I do mean the same two songs for the last year and a half which was when they got the piano.

It is very strange.

Oh, Fran asked if I will still blog every day next year.
Probably. Why not.


  1. Same here, I usually write a few days in advance but lately I just go from day to day. I personally don't like it. It puts a pressure on me that I don't find pleasant.

  2. I look forward to your posts. Reading them has become a part of my morning reading. I don't know how you write every day. I did when I first started blogging but I am not such a prolific writer. I write in spurts. Maybe when I retire I will write more consistently... naw, probably not. We will see.

  3. The piano would totally irk me... I need a little quiet, even if they play it well... I used to have a guy who lived over me who thought he could play the drums... yeah... NO... lol

  4. I think it might drive me crazy. Despite the "practice" it sounds dubious they will make it to Carnegie Hall, LOL.

  5. I'm glad you will keep blogging.

  6. I'm glad you will keep blogging.


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