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topiary cats

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Take Your Turn

Several years ago, when Daya was very little, I took singing lessons.  It was one of those things that I *had* to do before I die.

Actually I am a very musical person.  I come from musicians. I played piano through my entire childhood.  I sang in chorus. Once, in 8th grade, the chorus teacher- while yelling at the entire class- singled me out for having one of the best musical ears she ever encountered.  I was really embarrassed at the time but I still recognized it for the compliment it was.

I always wanted to sing.  Although I do not have a magical voice, I can carry a tune and I have "tons and tons of range"* but I am a painter at my core.  Now, I no longer need to sing. Those issues have been resolved.

But singing used to be important to me.  For many reasons, and I know what those reasons are.  Now, I am much happier as a painter and I do not need to sing.

But I had to get Voice out of my system. So I took voice lessons for a while from a singer named Breck Alan.

When discussing self-consciousnesses, Breck's answer to people was "Take your turn".
This is truly excellent advice. And Breck was an excellent teacher.

"Take Your Turn" has stayed with me through the years.

Breck Alan

I think about this a lot.  Take your turn.
Last year I put this into practical application, but it didn't work out.

It truly wasn't any fault of mine.

Sometimes I still grieve it.
I shouldn't, but I do.

*Breck Alan

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  1. We all have to take our turn. Good advise. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. I love to sing and only sing in a group of people singing along. I always envy people that can sing. I went to a parochial school that choir was a requirement. In fourth grade I was kicked out of choir. There were many children that didn't want to be in choir and since they weren't making me sing several others got to quit. ha... I was relieved to be kicked out and yet I felt like such a failure. Now I find it amusing. I could tell you other stories about my "singing". Just not a thing I am good at. Lucky you.


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