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topiary cats

Monday, November 30, 2015


Mo's column was good this week.

The Holiday month has officially begun and the time has come to discuss the green and red elephant in the room - namely complex, seasonal emotions.

No matter how Holly, Jolly the season is, there's bound to be a sleigh-full of emotions as well. This is due to the what this time of year represents, and has represented in then past, to each of us. Some people love the holidays. Others hate them. Some people love to hate the holidays, while some simply hate the holidays and hate that as well. It's a complicated time of year, but it doesn't have to be miserable.

I just now realized why commercials demanding that we purchase new cars and expensive diamonds annoy me. It's because I take the season seriously and I don't want it to be about the price of the gift, or guilt and that's exactly what's being shoved down our throats. Playing emotions for greed is sinister.



This doesn't have to be a hard time of year, but looking at it realistically is important. The season is bound to be sprinkled with stress, irritations, joy, anticipation, competition, insecurity, hopes, wishes and dreams, as well as an occasional letdown, disappointment or bout of self-pity. It's this intense roller coaster that helps make it what it is, a wondrous and magical time of the year.
Stuff happens. We live in a world where stuff happening is a daily occurrence. While some stuff is worse than others. It's our ability to love the season, in spite of the stuff, that can make it so special. The key is to accept our reality and love our lives, tarnished tinsel and all.

Feel your emotions completely, without censoring yourself. Give your ups and downs as much latitude as they need. Experience your feelings to the depths of your soul and while you're at it, remember that everyone else is doing it too.

This has been a hard year on many levels, and the holidays, well, I just wish they were over.
Daya is having good experiences and that's what matters.

As for me, it is yet another year of getting over hard things. I have really, really had enough. I just want it all to be over.


  1. I love the holidays, simply because it's the time that I get to go back to Belgium and spend time with friends and family. But give exactly zero fucks about the materialistic side of it.

  2. It is amazing how this time of year brings out the very best in people and the very worst. All for different reasons.

  3. I ususally have foud a way t enjoyt the holidays but this year with one of my beloved kitties recentlly having been diagnosed with cancer and a poor prognosis it has put a pall on everything for me. It is just hard right now.

  4. Jessica, I'm only doing the holidays for Valentina... I want her to have good experiences and it most definitely is not about money for me...

    Christmas is really hard for me because I had the most amazing and happy Christmas in 2011.... all my hopes and dreams were coming true... now I just try to get through each year. I understand what you're saying ♡


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